Develop Your Team in 2014

As we begin 2014 and the economy is beginning to perk up it’s a good time to think about giving your team a lift as well.  Team conflicts, personality clashes and differences in management and leadership styles can drain a team’s energy and sap its productivity.  While it’s relatively easy for team members to develop new technical or professional skills, where there are gaps in team members’ ability to communicate with each other and work well together, an objective, external facilitator can offer the support your team needs.

Jean Cullinane is a registered Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Forte Communications Style  practitioner, and a registered workplace mediator.  We use the Forte and/or the MBTI in our team development workshops to help teams to cut to the core of the issues that are blocking productivity, leaving them free to get down to delivering excellent results for their organisations.

Teams we have worked with include senior teams in government, private and community & voluntary sectors.  The good news is that our team development sessions are very affordable and in between the hard work there’s also time for some fun exercises that will test your team’s ingenuity.  If you would like to enable your team to realise its true potential in 2014, why not call us today – you’ll be in good company.

“All of our team found the day really insightful but also helpful in a very practical way.  The most useful part was having the tools to consider the dynamics of our team and how we might work best together” – Graham Jones,

Managing Partner, The Solas Project (2013)

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