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“Success at Interviews” – Practical Interview Preparation and Support
Selecting the right person for the job is a critical process for employers and it can be a satisfying experience for the successful candidate. But what if you could really do the job well yet fail to deliver a convincing interview performance? Feedback received from hiring managers following interviews frequently highlights the need for candidates to prepare more thoroughly; to ‘sell-themselves’ to a greater or lesser extent; to ensure that they can provide evidence-based examples of their capabilities in the areas required; to manage their time more effectively or to demonstrate a greater degree of self-confidence at interview.

Competency-based recruitment processes can be a daunting experience – particularly if you have not applied for a vacancy in the recent past. Our “Success at Interviews” training programme can equip you with the skills necessary to prepare for and compete effectively in external and internal recruitment processes – and it can also help to increase your confidence and help you to stay motivated while you’re waiting for that next big break. Contact us today – we’re at your service.

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