Performance Management

In a recent survey of 200 Irish CEOs, respondents identified Recruitment and Retention as being one of the top three business challenges (after Cost Control and Regulatory Compliance). While many organisations strive hard to hire the right people, the issue of retaining and developing staff is frequently overlooked.

Performance Management is a HR process which aims to facilitate each team member in an organisation to play their part in achieving organisational objectives. Employers who manage employee performance from the date of entry of a new employee (through probation and at regular, planned intervals thereafter) are not only following best practice, but are also protecting their organisations against spurious claims of unfair dismissal in the event of dismissal of an employee for under-performance.

When it comes to motivating, retaining, developing and guiding employees, Performance Management proves to be one of the most powerful tools in the employer’s armoury. Performance Management Systems can be infinitely more powerful and effective if they are co-designed by employers and employees and if there is a shared commitment to ensuring that the system actually works – so it pays to take a collaborative approach.

At Cullinane Consulting we work with a range of client organisations to:

  • Evaluate employer/employee satisfaction with existing Performance Management Systems
  • Prepare Job and Person Specifications
  • Identify core competencies in line with organisational strategy
  • Develop jointly agreed methods of managing performance
  • Design Performance Management processes and procedures
  • Conduct joint training for reviewers and reviewees
  • Evaluate on-going effectiveness of Performance Management Systems

Remember, Performance Management is about more than filling out forms – it’s the strength of the relationships rather than the volume of paperwork that makes a system work well. Contact us to find an approach that works for you.

“The value of achievement lies in the achieving.”
– Albert Einstein

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